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After Gary Renard's keynote address at the Course in Miracles Tribute Conference in Salt Lake City, April 23, 2005, Scott Kalechstein brought the house down with a song he wrote during Gary's talk.  This was recorded in the back of the room with a tiny MP3 player so the sound quality is poor, but you can get a sense of the audience's wildly enthusiastic reaction to his lyrics - printed below so you can follow along as you listen.

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How Come Ascended Masters Don't Come Visiting Me?

I practice the Course and I study real hard,
I'm as ordinary as Gary Renard,
I was once a guitarist just like he,
So how come ascended masters don't come visiting me???
Well, I'm doing workbook lessons each and every day,
Letting go of ego, getting out of my way,
I know I'm not a victim of the world that I see,
How come ascended masters don't come visiting me???
I'm not trying to be special, I'm a humble soul,
I swear the peace of God is my only goal,
So Arten and Persah if you're hearing this tune,
Please make a guest appearance in my living room!
Ken Wapnick is so smart he just intimidates me,
Master Teacher may be holy but his words escape me.
Robert Perry don't do house calls and he's in Sedona,
Reverend Tony's a great teacher but he's got that boner!
Arten and Persah I'll be your apprentice,
I'll open up wider than at the dentist,
Arten and Persah it's now or never,
If you don't show up soon I'm gonna join Endeavour,
Now Gary's quite a writer and a keynote speaker,
But I don't want his fame, I just want his teachers,
So Arten and Persah if you're done with him,
I'm in room 214 here at the Sheraton!

Written Through Scott Kalechstein During Gary Renard's Keynote Talk at the Course In Miracles Tribute Conference, April 23, 2005

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Scott Kalechstein wears many hats. He is a speaker/singer/songwriter/recording artist//minister/workshop leader/writer/humorist. He shares his uplifting music and messages internationally at conferences, workshops, living rooms, schools, parties, churches, weddings, private gatherings - wherever people are open to a lighthearted, humorous and entertaining approach to learning, growing and discovery. Scott's work promotes a sense of joy, safety, community, and playful celebration. His music sometimes evokes laughter, at other times tears, and people are often found singing and clapping and sometimes dancing along while he performs.

A pioneer in the field of intuitive song, Scott is known for his unique ability to spontaneously create songs for individuals or groups, about any topic presented. His "Song Portraits" are a unique display of creativity, and always leave people deeply touched, delighted and amazed by such an in-the-moment creation.

Here's my latest handout that I give to people at my relationship talks and workshops.

In Joy,
Scott Kalechstein.

Relationship Myths  (Balloons of Specialness To Bust Now And Avoid The Rush)

1. I will get all my needs met from one person…the right person will do that for me

2. A partner will make my life easier

3. The right person will make me happy

4. The feelings of the attraction/honeymoon stage are what to expect forever and if they don’t last something is wrong

5. Being in a relationship will increase my self-esteem and add meaning to my life

6. Being in a relationship will put an end to my loneliness, issues of rejection and feeling abandoned

From Honeymoon To Maturity....

Relationship Stage One….  I’ve got into Harvard! I'm on the top of the
world! (Special Love Relationship- I blame my partner for my joy)
Relationship Stage Two…  Classes begin, homework is assigned, egos bump
heads... (Special Hate Relationship- I blame my partner for my pain)
Relationship Stage Three...  Enough ego friction has been rubbed and
sandpapered smooth to begin to give your partnership gifts to the world
(Holy Relationship)

Healing Path Of Relationships

Unavoidable Relationship Facts:

1. Love brings up anything unlike itself for the purpose of healing and
release. Let the colonic do its job

2. Love strives to make the unconscious conscious so you can see things
differently and choose again

3. Conflicts will arise. Prepare for them. Have tools to use and
agreements in place. Relationship will flush out issues, prompting you
to drop your egoic masks and outdated survival strategies. Expecting
this is wise, not cynical. If you keep your feet on the ground than
relationship won't bring you to your knees

4. A relationship is a spiritual path. The path of conscious
relationship will disillusion you (removes you from illusions). Embrace
that and you grow into mature love. Resist that and you suffer deeply.
Eckart Tolle reminds us that "The purpose of relationships is not to
make you happy, but to wake you up."

Stages of Need Fulfillment

1.  You try to get your needs met unconsciously, using strategies you
absorbed from your ancestors and cultural programming i.e. - seducing,
blaming, manipulating, and guilt tripping others into giving to you
(seek, but do not find)

2. You practice choosing adult strategies to get your needs met i.e. -
asking directly for what you want without demanding it. Also, you are
willing to meet your own needs or get them met elsewhere when your
partner isn’t available.  A child has limited choices, an adult always
has plenty…

3. You recognize that you have no needs but one: To extend the love of
God to all

Some Things To Do While You Are Single

1. Come to terms with the possibility that you may never have a partner
and live life as if it’s your complete responsibility to make yourself
happy (My Salvation Comes From Me)

2. Spend time upgrading your relationship with yourself, replacing the
ego's critical self-talk with happy, loving thoughts

3. Immerse yourself in the study of communication skills, like in
Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication. When a relationship
comes along and conflicts inevitably arise, you’ll need them

4. Practice seeing everyone around you as your beloved

5. Being single is a sacred and valid path, as holy and as challenging
an assignment as partnership. Walk it with self-respect and dignity

Scott Kalechstein can be reached at 415 721 2954
Check out- 
-An inspiring and playful site!

Scott Kalechstein
  One Wood Lane
  Fairfax, CA 94930
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