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Gary Renard

Listen to Gary from ACIM Gather on PalTalk April 11, 2009

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Gary Renard
Teacher, Author, Seminar Leader, Inspiration
"Fearless Love:
The Answer to the Problem of Human Existence

 Website -

Gary is Author of "Disappearance of the Universe" and many other books & CDs
  Gary talks for about 50 minutes on this subject, which is also based on A Course in Miracles.
He then answers Gatherer's questions for another 40 minutes or so.

These are some of the questions the ACIM Gatherers asked:

QingWu: Question: Hi Loving Spirit Gary, Some spirits told that I should go out to the world to experience until the ego get mature, then recognize there is nothing could satisfied from the outside of the world, easy to let go the ego. What's your suggestion to young people. By the way, Will you come to Beijing at the end of June/early July?

eleanordreaming_1: Question: Will you discuss when/how Arten & Pusah met in this lifetime and tell us more about their current relationship and teaching plans. Thank you!

lord_blue: Question: Could you give us some examples of how you actually practice forgiveness? Is it something you think? Something you say to yourself? Something you try not to think about? Is it something you do to undo what you have done?

breonson: Hi Gary. Thanks for sharing your message this evening. How do you deal with the skepticism/criticism that may come your way in the public forum? Do you publically address it as a way to be an example since you are in the public eye? Or is it more personal?

Befreetoday: Question; Do you think you need to be careful /fearful of where you go what you do if your not a body. How do you practice forgiveness when you are fearful of being around something that may hurt you as a body?

lord_blue: Question: with all do respect, I ask this question: do you know when are you going to die and do you know how is it going to happen? If not, would you like to know? Do your teachers offer you a chance to know this?

 Gary's topic tonight is based on his new audio CD from Sounds True,
and available by clicking through to their website.
We Thank Gary for his willingness to answer the Call for Teachers
in the simplicity that continues to attract thousands worldwide to
the core themes of ACIM via the teachings of Arten & Pursah.
Gary has been a Light & Inspiration
for all of us on the Path
we travel together.