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Mari Perron

"Learning in the Time of Christ"

Listen to Mari's talk recorded from ACIM Gather on PalTalk, Sept. 28, 2008

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Mari Perron
Teacher, Scribe, Counselor,  Inspiration
Mari  Perron is Scribe of "A Course Of Love"
A Course of Love is for troubled hearts as ACIM is for troubled minds"
~Mari Perron <-Mari's site
"Learning in the Time of Christ"
“Learning in the Time of Christ” refers to a message I received from Jesus after the Course was complete that speaks specifically of the new way of learning that is so central to our embrace of this course.  It is a way of the heart – a way of receptivity.

This message offers a summary of the means and the ends – of the way in which we will return to who we are.  It starts at the beginning with A Course of Love, and continues through the Treatises and Dialogues.

  Mari Perron has an article in the upcoming issue of Miracles Magazine.
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I’m Mari Perron, the person who received this course from Jesus.  I use the word receive rather than the word scribe because it is broader.  Scribing is just the writing, but receiving is what we all do, the way we accept Jesus and his words of love, and eventually, ourselves.  I spent three years receiving (and writing) the three books that form the whole of this Course of Love.  They are:

The Treatises of A Course of Love

The Dialogues of A Course of Love

Two years after receiving the books, I felt called to a way of solitude…or as quiet of a life as I could manage as a mother, wife, and recently a grandmother.  It is an orientation more so than a vocation, but one of the ways I like to describe it is that I rarely get in my car more than once a week.  If my name and those of these course books are new to you, this may be one of the reasons.  I’m a little nervous about venturing out into the world, even one as relatively small as PalTalk.  It feels a lot like driving in traffic to me – much more stimulation than I’m used to!  But I’m also excited.  I’ve always loved driving – if not driving in traffic – and I hope our time together will be like being on the open road.

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