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Mistlberger 12/09/05
Mistlberger 01/29/06

The Body, Relationship & ACIM

Listen to Phil's teaching recorded from ACIM Gather on PalTalk, November 13, 2005

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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Also listen to Phil's teaching recorded Dec. 9th, 2005
Principles of ACIM and Buddhism

Phil Teertha Mistlberger
Teacher & Workshop Leader

"The Body, Relationship & ACIM"

Phil Mistlberger's website:

Satori Trainings is a personal growth school based chiefly on the principles of A Course In Miracles and the Fourth Way Work of G.I. Gurdjief and P.D. Ouspensky. The wisdom from other teachings are also drawn from; these include Eastern traditions such as Zen and Advaita, along with various modern healing modalities such as breathwork, movement, and energy-work, and group dynamics.

Phil Teertha Mistlberger...

has been a transpersonal therapist, group leader, and spiritual teacher for close to twenty years. He was born in Montreal and was educated at John Abbott College and Concordia University. He is the author of the book "A Natural Awakening: Realizing the True Self in Everyday Life". He trained in an "A Course In Miracles" community from 1986-88, graduating from two 6-month programs and receiving certification as an ACIM practitioner in 1988. He also spent a year in a Gurdjieff group, seven years with the East Indian mystic Osho, and has received Tibetan Buddhist empowerments.

In 1993 along with Duane O'Kane he co-founded Clearmind Institute and was co-director for its first 18 months. In 1994 he founded Shamballa Trainings, a personal growth school based on a variety of spiritual teachings, that he directed for seven years. From 2002 to 2004 he taught Advaita Vedanta via formal satsang meetings that he hosted in Canada and the U.S. Phil has traveled widely, through Asia (where he made two prolonged stays in ashrams and monasteries), the Middle East and North America, in search of spiritual truths.

Phil Teertha Mistlberger was highly recommended
to me by Member and Friend of ACIM Gather,
Hilton DePaoli. In my talk with Phil
I found his Dedication and focus
on the Path We All Walk
has given him a handle
and understanding
which he imparts
with Love &

Having a background that encompasses
both East and West & ACIM Teaching,
Phil's ability to Accept the Whole,
integrates the Paths of
non-duality which
is our One Goal,
The Oneness of
Our Source


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