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Conversation with Candace Doyle

Listen to Charles' talk recorded from ACIM Gather on PalTalk, June 22, 2005

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Teachers R Us

Charles McGee from Tucson, Arizona,  presents a recording made with Candace Doyle and the Holy Spirit in March 2005.

CHARLESACIM: Thank you for the welcome

acim_insight: Thank you for the Thank you

ACIMLinda: host age to alien OR HOST to Holy Spirit

ACIMLinda: DavidPaul Doyle


ACIMLinda: ONEderfull



acim_insight: Thank You Very Much Charles

DFishman: Candace Doyle... Co-Author of The Journey that never was


acim_insight: Candace is Love


thewriter: What is the difference between 'hearing the Holy Spirit' and channeling and, as Gary Renard's book says, '...who thinks the voices in his head are manifestations of something divine' ??

DFishman: Hi Ellie...if we are Peaceful with it...that is the test for Holy Spirit and Our Spiritual Eye

thewriter: Thank you. Good thought!  


dakitty: i like what you say candace!!!


DFishman: When Holy Spirit speaks...Many are Always touched...and hear it as a Message to them...for it is...We are Joyned in Mind

ACIMLinda: As Candace would say her purpose is to LOVE herSELF continue to Recognize Who she is in TRUTH & guide others to Hear their Own Spirit... She would be the first to tell you we ALL have the HOLY SPIRIT speaking to Each of US ALL the time

acim_insight: Yes Linda

SOG-YS_POG-YG: when the ego tries to turn up distractions and fear of the Voice for God it tends to be a sign that Truth is being heard


acim_insight: You Are That

acim_insight: Holy Spirit ~ "Constant Voice of Love and Truth and Insight and Guidance" talking to you all the time, just a matter of really Listening

acim_insight: Be Still and Know God


giblatsai: gotta catch that horizontal plane...great message, thanks Charles and Candace!!!



DFishman: "God established His relationship with you to make you happy, and nothing you do that does not share His purpose can be real. ~ACIM T. 17.IV.1~

ACIMLinda:  "The Holy Spirit takes you gently by the hand, and retraces with you your mad journey outside yourself, leading you gently back to the truth and safety within"

ACIMLinda: (T.18.I.9:3)

ACIMLinda: "Reflect the peace of Heaven here, and bring this world to Heaven.  For the reflection of truth draws everyone to truth, and as they enter into it they leave all reflections behind." A Course In Miracles T-14.X.1:6


dakitty: we try



ACIMLinda: we understand that Charles


SOG-YS_POG-YG: Well, Well, how about that?

acim_insight: Thank You So Much Charles

ACIMLinda: Rev Connie


ACIMLinda:   YES

RevConnie: Yes

SOG-YS_POG-YG: Thank you Charles


ACIMLinda: Lovely Thank You Charles



ACIMLinda: or