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Maz Weber-Caspers
Multitasking the Mind

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ACIM Gather "Early Birds"
Workbook Lessons by Maz
ACIM Gather on PalTalk

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11-30-05 Lesson 334, Early Birds on ACIM Gather/PalTalk with Maz

12-01-05 Lesson 335, Chapter 29 VII ~Maz~ACIMGather/PalTalk

12-02-05 Lesson 336, Miracle principle 32 ~Maz~ACIMGather

12-03-05 Lesson 337, Multitasking the Mind - God's Hologram, Part 1

12-05-05 Lesson 339, and Chapter 29, VIII interactive contemplation

12-06-05 Lesson 340, and Chapter 29, IX interactive contemplation

12-07-05 Lesson 341,"What is a Miracle?" and Chapter 30, I

12-08-05 Lesson 342, Chapter 30,I.8-16 interactive contemplation

12-09-05 Lesson 343, Chapter 30,II_Maz_Interactive_EB-ACIMGather

12-09-05 Chapter 30,II_Maz_Interactive_EB-ACIMGather

12-10-05 Multitasking the Mind - God's Hologram, Part 2 ACIMGather

12-12-05_Lesson 346, Chapter 30,III_MAZ_InterActive_EB-ACIMGather

12-17-05 Multitasking the Mind - God's Hologram, Part3 ACIMGather

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11-30-05 Lesson 334

12-01-05 Lesson 335

12-02-05 Lesson 336

12-03-05 Lesson 337

12-05-05 Lesson 339

12-06-05 Lesson 340

12-07-05 Lesson 341

12-08-05 Lesson 342

12-09-05 Lesson 343

12-09-05 Chapter 30,II

12-10-05 MTTM_GH_Part2

12-12-05_Lesson 346

12-17-05 MTTM_GH_Part3


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 W e l c o m e, dear Listeners!



     ACIMRadio is a trilingual internet radio station that broadcasts recitations from the books of A Course In Miracles.  Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford's scribing of A Course in Miracles has primarily been a listening process. Listening to the Course opens up another dimension of study and contemplation, and many listeners have shared that they enjoy the accompanying music that is played along with the readings to quiet our minds and assist us in the listening process.


          We produce and broadcast ACIM audiostreams on a daily basis, accompanied by the original sounds of Happy Dream Music. Since March of 2005, approximately 100 gigabytes of course audio has been streamed to listeners around the world in 18 countries.


       We are so happy to share the essence of our ministry that Spirit has assigned to us, along with what inspires us as artists within the Curriculum of the Course, intertwining our talents with the study and application of the lessons, in service to the SonShip and the Atonement.


   ACIMRadio is a utilitarian online resource for students of A Course in Miracles, and we wish to thank everyone for their encouragement and support to keep this service alive and free for all. Our service is possible on the charitable basis of donations. We wholeheartedly invite you to check our legal documents on the website and to consider making a tax deductible donation to our Foundation to support the international broadcast of ACIMRadio.


     On special request we have prepared an introductory 'behind-the-scenes' videoclip for you to enjoy :-),

and will soon begin to offer tailor-made productions (ie. your favorite passage or lesson) and weekly broadcasts with interviews and Dedicated Personal Atonement artExchanges (D-PAX). We love hearing from you, thank you!


  Faithfully yours,

   oneLove, maz&ank

~oneLove , maz~

A weekly exploration of ACIM's update on Siegmund Freud's structure of the psyche, based on research by Harmen Kooremans based on all Redactions of ACIM:

Table courtesy of  Harmen Kooremans

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