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The Promise of Purpose

Listen to Lou's talk recorded from ACIM Gather on PalTalk, October 27, 2005

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The Promise of Purpose is the new edition of Lou Fournier Marzeles' book Power & Purpose. Retitled, the book now has three new chapters and a glossary. The Promise of Purpose discloses more about the nature of inversion as the condition in which the ego lives and as a mirror image of reality. It discusses the Scale of Purpose, the device of measurement upon which one's "movement" toward union with God can be gauged. For more information on the book, click here. To read the first chapter, click here.

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The Promise of Purpose

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Lou Fournier Marzeles - our guest speaker at ACIM Gather on PalTalk

Lou's website is http://promiseofpurpose.com/... you can read the first chapter of Lou's book, The Promise of Purpose at this site.

Lou describes himself as inspired by Dr. Hawkins' work and writings, and Lou was asked by Dr. Hawkins to be the moderator for the official Dr. Hawkins' yahoo discussion group. Through his own work, Lou has discovered a scale of purpose, a scale which reflects people's contribution or opposition to Purpose, or said differently, is a scale which gauges one's "movement" toward union with God.

Lou graciously agreed to spend this time with us, sharing his work and responding to questions.

Your hosts, Jane and Ellen

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