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Busting Loose from the Human Game

An immensely powerful and searingly provocative
discussion with Lenny Rose and Ben Gilberti.

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The Human Game

A Parallel Essay

By Bob Scheinfeld


I believe that we all started out as these infinitely powerful, wise, and abundant, you could say god-like beings who decided that we wanted to play a game that was based on limiting and restricting and confining all that infiniteness, and in essence, see if we could convince ourselves that we were the exact opposite of who we really are. So if who we really are is infinitely powerful, infinitely wise, and infinitely abundant, the name of the game was to construct an artificial reality, convince ourselves itís real, and in doing that, convince ourselves weíre the opposite, which means Ė and Iím being a little overly dramatic here, and I mean no disrespect to myself or you or anybody else -- but to create a reality where we convince ourselves weíre powerless, helpless, poor, and stupid.  And why do we want to do this? Because there is challenge, because thereís fun to it, and I mean if you look again, any game that really holds our interest, it holds our interest because itís challenging, it gives us an opportunity to stretch and grow, thereís an exhilaration to it, a fun to it, and so taking an infinitely powerful being and convincing yourself that youíre the exact opposite is a major challenge and I think when we first started playing this game, nobody thought we could really pull it off necessarily, because itís a massive challenge. I mean on a much lower level, if somebody could take Tiger Woods and convince him that he could not play golf, and Iím not talking about using drugs or hypnosis or anything, but other things, convince him he could not play golf, it would be a pretty significant achievement.


So this game was created and it was a limitation game and it was to convince ourselves that weíre the exact opposite of who we really are, and play within that limitation, and thatís Phase 1 of the game, is to convince ourselves, create this artificial reality because to me, everything that we call the three dimensional world or physical reality or the universe or whatever you want to call it that the scientists study and that we think we live in, to me is a creation of consciousness, itís a complete illusion, that itís not real but weíve convinced ourselves itís real, and weíve convinced ourselves that weíre limited within it.


I compare it with a gigantic amusement park where you can take all these different rides and go to these educational pavilions, and itís all meant ultimately for entertainment, but the first phase of it is limitation, and itís convincing yourself that youíre the exact opposite of who you really are. Then after you do that enough you get to a point where you ram into a wall and you have tremendous frustration, you start to think, ďwait a minute, this doesnít make sense, thereís got to be more to this, thereís got to be something else going on, this just doesnít make any sense,Ē which if youíll notice is pretty similar to what happened to me and so many other people that have tremendous breakthroughs. They hit this wall and then all of the sudden they have this breakthrough.


Then you move into Phase 2 of the Human Game, and in Phase 2 of the Human Game, the whole game is to remember who you really are, reclaim all the power that you had to hide and pretend that you didnít have, reclaim all the wisdom, open back up to the infinite abundance that is who you really are, and through a process, which I have learned how to do myself and to teach others, you expand back towards who you really are and then you have the ability to play within this artificially constructed reality that we call earth or the universe or three dimensional whatever, with absolutely no limits or restrictions of any kind. You can create whatever it is within this earth amusement park simply for the pure joy of playing with it, and then you play with it, and thatís the philosophical construct of the Human Game.


Now if you go back to Phase 1 of the game, if you goal is to convince yourself that youíre the opposite of who you are, things cannot work right, you cannot feel fulfilled from the things that youíre doing for very long. You can have a system like I did that appears to work for a while, and then all the sudden, for no explainable reason, doesnít. You have stuff that comes out of left field to sabotage whatís going on with you. Nothing appears to work or make sense and there are all these kinds of things that are crazy. You and I could talk about things going on around the world and we could say that just is crazy, it makes no sense, why would somebody do something like that, itís so cruel or itís so evil or itís so stupid or whatever it is, all of this is part of the illusion that gets created in Phase 1 of the Human Game, and itís also why you see so many people that learn these things, and I know it happened to me and has probably happened to you and everyone else listening if theyíre honest, is that we want to improve our lives and we want to get it all together and we want to have this perfect life where we have all the money and the perfect relationship and weíre healthy and weíre happy and weíre full of energy, except when we dive into all these strategies and techniques that people teach us, they donít work consistently, or they donít work at all, and we ultimately end up not getting what we want and we end up frustrated, and thatís exactly the way the game was designed to be played in Phase 1, thatís the outcome that Phase 1 of the Human Game was designed to create, and thatís why you see just about everybody on this planet who is frustrated and ultimately feels powerless and helpless and doesnít really understand why. Itís all part of the plan; itís all part of the game. And we have to ram into a wall in order to get to Phase 2. And ramming into a wall looks different for different people. For me, it happened to have primary pressure from a financial and a business perspective, but for other people itís a health issue, for some people it is a drinking issue or a drug issue and they just absolutely hit bottom, for other people itís something in a relationship, but ultimately you have to bang into a wall, where something just almost like I would say breaks inside of you, itís like you have been pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing and youíve been trying this and youíve been trying that and youíve been trying to make your life work, and nothing seems to work and itís just kind of like, ďwhat the hell am I supposed to do now, Iíve done everything right, Iíve done everything everybody has told me to do, itís not working, what the hell else am I supposed todo?Ē


Or in my case you just start to suspect that there has to be something else going on, there has to be some other force thatís operating behind the scenes that you donít understand and thatís driving things because thereís no other explanation for all the craziness that you see around you, and when you start to bump into that kind of a wall, thereís got to be something deeper going on here, there has got to be something that Iím not being told, there has got to be something that Iím not seeing, thereís got to be some other force at work here other than what Iíve been taught is at work here, because this just doesnít make sense, and I want to know what that something else is.


And more and more people around the world today are waking up to that kind of a feeling in one way, shape or form. ďSomehow what Iíve been taught is not right, thereís something missing here, and I want to know what it is,Ē and youíre seeing that happen more and more and it happened to me and itís happened to a lot of other people, and itís happened to all the people that have found their way to this new work that I have discovered for myself and have now been sharing for over a year.


So thatís the philosophical construct of it and the interesting thing is that there are so many things that are taught in the self help and success world, you read about affirmation, you read about visualization, you read about the law of attraction, you learn about manifestation, you learn about all these things and youíre basically taught you have infinite power and you can create anything you want if you just use these particular techniques, and hereís how you use the techniques.


The interesting thing that I noticed both from observing it from the outside and in applying those techniques to try and dig myself out of these holes is that everybody seems to conveniently forget it, but they never work the way theyíre supposed to work. If it is the law of attraction, a law means it has to work that way every time you try it, but if you look at your personal experience or you even look at the lives of the experts who are talking about it, thatís not what happens. It works sometimes but not other times, it works for some people but not other people, and it works sometimes for the same people and not other times for the same people, it is not reliable. Everyone conveniently forgets that and pretends that it works all the time, but it doesnít, and none of the techniques do. The truth is Phase 1 of the Human Game, youíre convincing yourself through your experiences that you do not have unlimited power, that you do not have unlimited wisdom, and that you are not connected to this power source. Thatís what this whole game in Phase 1 is about, itís convincing yourself youíre the exact opposite of who you really are. Therefore any time you try to apply a so-called rule or law or technique that implies that you do have all this power, youíre going to short circuit it, youíre going to sabotage it, itís not going to work because it canít in that dynamic. It work in Phase 2. But what you have to do is reclaim your power from all of these illusions that youíve created, and this gets intoÖ the metaphor that I use for explaining how this illusion that we call reality is constructed, and it helps to get our hands around the question you just asked me, is I use the metaphor of a hologram, and I am not talking about the flimsy kind of hologram that you see on a credit card or that you see maybe even in the Star Wars movies where it kind of looks three dimensional, but it kind of looks hazy and it doesnít really look real. A real hologram, what happens is a pattern gets created on a film, and then you shine a laser through this pattern and out pops this three dimensional image that looks absolutely real, not again like some of these cheap imitations.


If you or anybody listening has watched the Star Trek: The Next Generation series, they had a thing in there called a holodeck, and it was a place where these holographic allusions were created that appeared absolutely real and you could interact with them and they were solid, and they were all computer generated simulations but they appeared real. Thatís what this illusion that we play with that we call real is all about, or if you watch The Matrix and you look at what happened in The Matrix with this whole artificially created reality that everybody thought was real, but was again just a simulation, thatís what Iím talking about when you talk about a hologram, an illusion.


Now the key aspects, and I could get real technical with this but itís not important, and it would just confuse people, but the key aspects of a hologram are if you wanted to create the illusion of an apple or a person or a building or a car, it starts out with whatís called an interference pattern, and in this pattern it stores everything about it. So in the course of an apple, this pattern would store itís red, itís diameter is three inches, itís got a stem on the top thatís a quarter of an inch tall, itís got a little dent on the right side where somebody dropped it, thereís all this information that is stored in this pattern, and then when you add power to the pattern in the form of a laser, it pops out and it appears to be real with the exact detail that was in the pattern. So to me -- and the interesting thing is, quantum physicists are documenting the reality of what Iím telling you now in the cutting edge research that theyíre doing -- is that all of us are these infinite beings with this infinite power, which you could call consciousness, which is a term thatís being thrown around a lot these days, so you decide that you want to play this Human Game and you want to create this alternative reality that you can play in and convince yourself is real, so these gigantic patterns get created that have all this detail of what it is thatís going to get popped into this simulation for you to play with, and then tremendous power gets applied just like with a hologram through these patterns and out pops this illusion that we then convince ourselves is completely real. So youíve got a pattern with all these details in it and youíve got power thatís applied to it to make it appear real.


So in Phase 1 of the Human Game we create all these patterns and in these patterns the truth is weíre helpless, weíre powerless, there is power outside of us, weíre all at the mercy of all these forces around us, and thatís basically what all of us really believe deep down, because thatís what weíve taught ourselves to believe, and then every now and then a teacher comes around that says, ďNo, you really have unlimited power, you can create all the stuff you want in your life, just use this technique,Ē except as I said, if you really look at it closely, it doesnít work, none of those work consistently, and everybody that can say, ďYes, I visualized this and it happened,Ē there is 50 times they visualized when it didnít. Thatís the truth if you really look at it.


So anyway, youíve got all these patterns that are in consciousness that are in whatís called the field if you study the quantum physics of it. We add all this power to it to pop it in and make it appear to be real and we convince ourselves itís real, so when you move into Phase 2 you systematically go into the places where you put all this power to create patterns in your life to convince you that youíre limited and youíre stupid, compared to infinite wisdom anyway, and thereís power outside and you're at the mercy of the government and your parents and your teachers and crime and all these kinds of things that we feel, and you go in and you reclaim the power from all of those patterns, and when you reclaim the power from the patterns, the illusion collapses and you get more and more powerful within the hologram if you will, within the simulation, and thatís when you can start playing the way all the experts taught us in Phase 1, where you really can create anything you want and you really can experience anything you want, but before that can happen, you have to understand who you really are, you have to remember who you really are and what the game is all about, you have to extract the power that you put into these limiting patterns, and as you do all of that, things just transform and thatís when these amazing things start to happen.



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The Human Game


The text messaging during the audio discussion




lennyrose: Mutual agreement that we all make to play the Human Game.

Ben Gilberti: the concept behind the human game is exploring what's possible if we think we're the opposite of what we really are

Ben Gilberti: wow, now that's a real gem


Ben Gilberti: what a stupid concept for a game!!!!!

acim-cynthia: that is the dummist game of all golf...

Ben Gilberti: so we start off as a miserable wretch!

lennyrose: Stupid but we're playing it.

Ben Gilberti: yes

acim-cynthia: absurd

Ben Gilberti: the rush

Ben Gilberti: the excitement

Ben Gilberti: Ahh, so limitation was thought to be BEYOND infinity

Ben Gilberti: no?

Ben Gilberti: It's ok with God

Ben Gilberti: so what went wrong?

lennyrose: We forgot to laugh.

lennyrose: Nothing ever went wrong.

acim-cynthia: it never happened...we only think it did

Ben Gilberti: wow, this is amazing

Ben Gilberti: but as you point out, I did choose to play the game, didn't I

Ben Gilberti: So it was NOT a tiny MAD idea, but just a playful idea

Ben Gilberti: Calling it a mad idea is a judgment that locks us into it

blackie_10: The victim part is part of the game, too.  As Dov says, we WANTED to be fooled.  Part of the game.  An actor on the stage has to really BELIEVE in his part to make it believable

Ben Gilberti: wow, this is a real eye-opener

acim-cynthia: stuff down so deep and packed in so tight we don't know what the heck we are doing

Ben Gilberti: the scales are falling from my eyes

acim-cynthia: ha ha ha ha ha

Ben Gilberti: I'm not kidding

SeReNdiPiTy-do-dah: i really find it hard to believe we choose to be victims

Ben Gilberti: We are really serious game junkies

Ben Gilberti: this is really incredible

Ben Gilberti: You = Sun

lennyrose: yes

lennyrose: Son = Sun

Ben Gilberti: game self = dense cloud cover cold and dark

lennyrose: Ego thought system

Ben Gilberti: limiting unlimited power means things can't work properly, there must be problems

Ben Gilberti: False promises must abound


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