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4th Qtr, 2006
3rd Qtr, 2006
2nd Qtr, 2006
1st Qtr, 2006
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Listen to Jeffrey from ACIM Gather on PalTalk May 18, 2008

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Jeffrey Mironov
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4th Qtr, 2006

3rd Qtr, 2006

2nd Qtr, 2006

1st Qtr, 2006

4th Qtr, 2005

ACIM group meets Wed. 7-9PM 140 Riverside Dr. #15F, NY, NY 10024

Jeffrey Mironov

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Stillness is not the absence of noise
Though it is likely to lessen 
Your tolerance of and for it
On the reaches of such shores
Are the Winds and Rhythms
Of another Order

They make no claims
And seek not for attention
Yet they call to us
With a familiarity strange and inviting

Quietness is an Answer
But unlike the expected in every way
It recognizes no demands
Knowing the insincerity behind them all
'When, where, and how?' cannot alter
The unrelenting Originality
Whose Presence precedes every interrogation 
It Is Answer to them all
Complete and of a Thoroughness 
That honors and beholds
The very Reality in which all things are

But what of the 'chasm and schism?'
The 'talk of the town?'
And the 'object of our desiring?'
What of it... 

In the wee small hours 
Of a morning 
Borrowed from the unlimited reaches 
Of Absolute Thought, 
I contemplate a condition 
And jealously guard a position 
I have given name to... 

Such is the plight of God's Son 
Who fumbles in the ditches 
Of the wasteland of imagination. 
Thoughtlessness given form, 
Hierarchal value, and agreement 
Does not constitute meaning 
Though within the brevity 
And confusion of a dream 
It appears as convenient substitute 
But only momentarily and not really... 

And even in the narrowness 
And darkness of my falseness
My excitement and misplaced enthusiasm 
Revealed a knowing 
Of the graveness of my error 
The cycles of this stagnant 
And barren ritual,
The seconds, minutes, hours, 
Days, weeks, years, and lives 
All mark only the resistance 
To a simple lesson 
Easily learned and gone beyond...

The reluctance I introduced 
Into the perfection of Love's Continuance 
Changed nothing and outlined 
Only a vain and futile interval
Occupied by wisps of wishes
Bereft of reason and content 

I stand alone 
In stoic and solemn review 
Of a graphic misunderstanding 
All the while surrounded 
By a Quiet and Softness 
I cannot account for nor explain... 

Even as my 'explanation' howls 
In defense of it's grandiose accomplishment...
And I am both squeamish 
And embarrassed in my apparent betrothal 
To it's pathetic offering...

In my hesitation 
Is the entirety of my discomfort 
And the unnecessary detainment 
Of a misperception 
Embraced by a gentle and total Alternative 
So complete and compelling...

I have no more to lose 
And have accounted 
For the loss of my Self 
For such is the story 
In which I lament
Yet it is only this 
I fear to lose 
And 'this', the lack, loss, and pain 
Upon which I drape 
The tattered remains 
Of a thin and woefully 
Inadequate disguise...

I cannot hold even the dust 
Of my demise 
For this dust seeks even greater dissolution 
Fleeing from the clutches 
Of my torment and now escaping 
Into the folds of Everywhere and Everything...

What is a man to do? 
And with what can he make do 
Having realized the unsubstantiality 
Of his own dilemma? 

The swiftness of the Answer 
Is immediate having Always been 
And awaiting only the instant 
Of a sincere question, the Invitation, 
Upon which Love returns to it's Self 
And is this but only the Remembrance 
Of That which is Always and in All Ways...

Justice is swift simply because It Just Is 
And therefore requires no time at all 
And it is the Justice of God's Love 
That fulfills all things in time 
By releasing them from time itself... 
And Now... Is time Remembered


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