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Article by Beverly Hutchinson McNeff

“You’ve Got God!”

As millions do everyday, I turned on my computer, went online to check my email and I heard the familiar words, “You got mail!” There is was no doubt I had mail, I saw the mail in my little mailbox icon and my computer knew it and spoke those words to me with conviction. I had mail, there was no question about it.

What would happen if when we opened our eyes everyday a little Voice said to us, “You’ve got God?” Our internal mailbox would be filled with God’s guidance for us. There would be no doubt we had Him and His guidance, for the Voice would tell us so with conviction and that conviction would be enough to break through any doubt and assure our hearts that we were safe and complete.

It seems to me that this is what A Course in Miracles is trying to remind us of through every workbook lesson, each page of its text and every section of its manual. “We’ve got God”...or rather, God has us.

The process of having that conviction and feeling that presence is not one of seeking for God but rather the process of seeking for all the barriers we have built up against God’s presence. As we read in the Course....

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. It is not necessary to seek for what is true, but it is necessary to seek for what is false.” (T315/338)

The presence of God is always within us. That does not need to be proven: it is the truth. The idea that we think we are separated from God does not diminish God. Our mistaken thinking may bring us pain, guilt and fear, but this does not lessen the power of God. Our seeming weaknesses or challenges appear to weaken us in our thinking. Does this thinking really weaken us...the truth of who we are? Of course not, but our thinking can seem to make it so for us. So what do we do to awaken the power of God in our minds? To know that we are internally filled with God....that “You’ve got God?”

We need to adjust our thinking. I remember one time when my car kept stopping. I would start it and as soon as I took my foot off the accelerator it would start to choke and then stop. I had no idea what was wrong. I was sure I would take it into the mechanic and he would give me some long explanation (that I wouldn’t understand), charge me a lot of money and hopefully fix it. But that didn’t happen. He told me that my car was just idling too slowly, he made a slight adjustment, didn’t charge me and I was on my way.

That is how God wants to handle the blocks you have placed between Him and you. He wants to help you make a simple adjustment in your thinking so you can be healed and be on your way to offer that same help and understanding to others.

We have gotten so used to thinking that we are limited, that our mistakes are a reflection of the mistake that we feel we are, that there is nothing we can do in the face of a world and its effects that are so overwhelming. But that is because we have forgotten that “You’ve got God.” Remembering God and His power in our lives is essential, but we can’t remember Him or feel His guidance when our minds are filled with anger towards others or judgments against ourselves. Those thoughts of fear are like dropping a heavy curtain in our mind that seems to separate us from our Help. But, the curtain can be lifted by simply returning our mind to God, inviting Him in again, acknowledging, “You’ve got God.” Even if we think we have already done this, if we are not at peace, we must invite Him again.

“How is the peace of God retained, once it is found? Returning anger, in any form, will drop the heavy curtain once again, and the belief that peace cannot exist will certainly return. War is again accepted as the one reality. Now must you once again lay down your sword, although you do not recognize that you must have picked it up again. But you will learn, as you remember even faintly now what happiness was yours without it, that you must have taken it again as your defense. Stop for a moment now and think of this: Is conflict what you want, or is God’s peace the better choice? Which gives you more? A tranquil mind is not a little gift.” (M49/51)

Only a fool would not think the peace of God is a better choice...but everyday we are a little foolish. So, inviting God into our lives becomes an ongoing process...not because God needs the invitation, but because we need to reaffirm the awareness that “You’ve got God.”

The Course gives us many techniques to use to clear away the blocks to the awareness of God and one such approach is found in lesson 188 from the workbook. It says:

“We practice coming nearer to the light in us today. We take our wandering thoughts, and gently bring them back to where they fall in line with all the thoughts we share with God. We will not let them stray. We let the light within our minds direct them to come home. We have betrayed them, ordering that they depart from us. But now we call them back, and wash them clean of strange desires and disordered wishes. We restore to them the holiness of their inheritance.
 Thus are our minds restored with them, and we acknowledge that the peace of God still shines in us, and from us to all living things that share our life. We will forgive them all, absolving all the world from what we thought it did to us. For it is we who make the world as we would have it. Now we choose that it be innocent, devoid of sin and open to salvation.”

Here we are asked to take our wandering thoughts (those thoughts of anger, judgment, fear, etc., that fill our minds and that we seem to have no control over) and bring them back to our minds, take responsibility for them and “wash them clean” so we may see the miracle that will be given us. No matter how distorted your thoughts may be or have been, they can be healed so that you may see the beauty within this world, your brothers and sisters and yourself.

Many years ago a good friend of mine, who is a long-time student of the Course, told a story of a very troubled relationship she had with a very well known  individual. They both were on the Board of Directors for a rather notable institution, so they could not avoid each other or their relationship. Even though my friend and this gentleman shared similar spiritual beliefs their relationship was still very difficult and caustic. Grievances can easily shut the door on God no matter how “spiritual” or “famous” you are!

One night after a particularly difficult exchange, my friend asked the Holy Spirit to heal her mind ..... she was tired of the anger. The peace of God was what she wanted, so she needed to allow God to heal her perception of Bob (not his real name).

As she stilled her mind, she had a vision of being inside a large factory with a long conveyor belt moving past her. All of the sudden on the conveyor belt there was Bob covered with much mud that it was almost impossible to make our his figure. It became very clear to her that the mud represented her judgment and anger toward Bob. This mud figure continued on the conveyor belt and then went under a shower of water which washed off all the mud to show who Bob truly was. He was so beautiful, innocent and filled with light. Once her “strange desires and distorted wishes” about him had been washed clean, she saw who he really was and in doing so she saw her innocence as well. They were both filled with God’s holy light. Forgiveness had absolved her of her unforgiving thoughts and of the one she thought had attacked her. She had made Bob as she would see him and now she saw who he really was...God’s holy light along with herself.

Have you distorted God’s gift to you lately?
The Course tells that we have done so if our mood is not joyous. “In every case,” it says, “you have thought wrongly about some brother God created and are perceiving images your ego makes in a darkened glass.”

It goes on to tell us how to correct our misperception and experience healing. “Think honestly what you have thought that God would not have thought, and what you have not thought that God would have you think. Search sincerely for what you have done and left undone accordingly, and then change your mind to think with God’s.” (T57/63)

There has never been a time when God’s guidance and love has not filled our being, but our “strange desires and distorted wishes” have made us feel empty and lacking of His direction. It is now time for us to think with God, by allowing the blocks to His awareness to be removed. We must look at the thoughts that we might be thinking that God would not think about us or another. We must remember what God would think about us and our brothers that perhaps we have not been thinking.....that each of us is holy, innocent, loved and loving. We must bring our thoughts to God so they may be washed clean and we may see with a clear vision God’s gifts to us. When we have allowed this process to take place, we will know that “We’ve got God,” for we will know that God has us. Our hearts will be filled with His love, and joy will rein in our minds and world.

Thank you for journeying with us, for it is together that we experience our majesty!

Beverly Hutchinson

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