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Russell S. Hill and Melody-Rose Parker

Listen to Russell and Melody-Rose from ACIM Gather on PalTalk May 17, 2009

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Russell S. Hill and Melody-Rose Parker
Spiritual Communicators, Teachers, Authors, Visionaries, Healers

"God Goes with Me Wherever I Go!"

"It is quite possible to listen to God's Voice all through the day
without interrupting your regular activities in any way."

Russellís and Melody-Roseís Websites:

Russell and Melody-Rose will be teaching you how to connect with your Divine Nature, communicate in "Right" perception and to further integrate your relationship with the Divine into every aspect of your life during their... "Hearing the Voice for God, Week Eight Teleseminar" which can be found at: www.projectonevoice.com/voice-for-god.php

Russell and Melody-Rose currently are mentoring students in the Voice for Love Teacherís Program, and Russell is working on his eighth book, "Hearing the Voice for God."

About Russell S. Hill and Melody-Rose Parker

Russell and Melody-Rose met as Student Teachers in the Voice for Love Teacherís Program. When they met, they knew that their individual goal of awakening people to their awareness of the Divine was a shared vision. They knew working together would benefit many people around the world. So, they joined their ministries under the umbrella of Project One Voice.

Melody-Rose has worked with hundreds of individuals all over the world for over 20 years to assist them in spiritual growth and healing. She has a BA in Divinity, has been a Reiki Master for over 22 years, is a certified QiGong Instructor, and is a sound healer and trance channel for the Cosmic Christ. She currently studies with Ms. Genni Pearlsong McCoury, Cherokee Moon Woman and is considered to be a traditional Native American singer.

Russell also has over 20 yearís mastery in the field of spiritual growth. His life long passion to find and awaken to the Divine has led him along many paths, including studying with a Tibetan Lama, a Sikh Master of Shurat Shab Yoga, and a Western Esoteric Master. Russell is also a Reiki Master and a certified QiGong Instructor. Of all the spiritual disciplines he studied, Russell finds that communicating with Holy Spirit gives his clients the greatest benefit, and Russellís gift as a spiritual communications expert has helped clients breakthrough their limitations easily and gracefully.

Russell & Melody-Rose work with people from all over the world by communicating God's loving guidance through Holy Spirit.

Russell & Melody-Rose have dedicated their life to awakening you to the Inner Voice that resides within.

Russell and Melody-Rose live in Atlanta, Georgia.

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