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Ellen Sutherland

Listen to Ellen's teaching recorded from ACIM Gather on PalTalk, March 12th, 2006

"Releasing Fear"

An experiential evening
of learning 
how to "let go"

Ellen employs the famous

Ellen's site:

 Ellen Sutherland, aka ellenlovelite,
 who we all know here at ACIM Gather
by her dedicated Guest Teaching
every Thursday at 10:30am ET
of the Daily Workbook Lesson
& Daily Textbook Reading
as well as her Thur. Eve.
as Dr David Hawkins
Co-Host, shares
this experiential
evening of

The Sedona Method:
References: The Sedona Method  Hale Dwoskin and Happiness is Free, Hale Dwoskin and Lester Levenson ;also check out The Power of Letting Go by Patricia Carrington.

This is a simple tool…use all the time


1a) On a scale* of 0 -no fear to 10 -maximum fear you could ever feel, give this situation a number. b) Always ask that whatever you do be for the Highest Good (humility= don’t know what is the right outcome; sets ego aside). 


2)  What is your purpose for doing this work. Just ask yourself and leave the answer to the Inner Silence.


3a) Focus on an issue that you would like to feel better about – (there is only Love or fear) Once you have it and feel the fear,

   b)  Ask 3 questions:-

         i)  Could I let this go? This feeling? Could I if I wanted to? Yes or no… must be the truth.  Could I allow this feeling to be here and  to welcome it?

         ii) Would I let this go?  Am I willing to let it go? Would I rather have this feeling or would I rather be free?

         iii) When (will I let it go)? This is an invitation or a reminder to let it go in the now (be aware how you may want to guilt-trip yourself if your answer is a 'no'. This question is merely to bring your willingness into the now). (Could I? Would I? When?)


4. Check scale … where are you in your scale of fear feeling? Is it lower? Gone?  Repeat when there is any fear left. This is often so.  Aim = Zero fear.

5. If the fear is too big for you to feel/believe you can let it go. Do this as well. Map the feeling in your body.  By this I mean, notice where it is and where it is not, so that you can feel its effects in the physical. Is the feeling it in your jaw, neck, back, diaghram, stomach, jittery arms or legs? some of those places or all of them?? Next, pick one area and ask yourself the Sedona questions. So you are asking to let go of a tiny bit. decrease the size of the feeling to a portion that you really know you can release and release that.  Then notice your S.U.D.S. scale - usually much lower, now find another tiny piece.  It is the willingness to release that unravels the hold these feeling 'seem' to have on us.  We are learning they have no hold by experiencially dropping them at will.  Ensure you hold Holy Spirit in your mind to assist you in your willingness and remember what Jesus said to us in the Course:-

"...Everyone experiences fear. 2 Yet it would take very little right thinking to realize why fear occurs. 3 Few appreciate the real power of the mind, and no one remains fully aware of it all the time. 4 However, if you hope to spare yourself from fear there are some things you must realize, and realize fully. 5 The mind is very powerful, and never loses its creative force. 6 It never sleeps. 7 Every instant it is creating. 8 It is hard to recognize that thought and belief combine into a power surge that can literally move mountains.  ..." T-2.VI.9


"...Guilt must be given up, and not concealed. 2 Nor can this be done without some pain, and a glimpse of the merciful nature of this step may for some time be followed by a deep retreat into fear. ..."  Song of Prayer Prayer pg. 6, par 4


"...You may still complain about fear, but you nevertheless persist in making yourself fearful. 2 I have already indicated that you cannot ask me to release you from fear. 3 I know it does not exist, but you do not. 4 If I intervened between your thoughts and their results, I would be tampering with a basic law of cause and effect; the most fundamental law there is. 5 I would hardly help you if I depreciated the power of your own thinking. ...."T-2.VII.2.


            "...The way to correct distortions is to withdraw your faith in them and invest it only in what is true. 2 You cannot make untruth true. 3 If you are willing to accept what is true in everything you perceive, you let it be true for you. 4 Truth overcomes all error, and those who live in error and emptiness can never find lasting solace. 5 If you perceive truly you are cancelling out misperceptions in yourself and in others simultaneously. 6 Because you see them as they are, you offer them your acceptance of their truth so they can accept it for themselves. 7 This is the healing that the miracle induces. ..."p39.T-3.II.6.


*this is the  S.U.D.S. scale -Woipe's subjective units of disturbance measurement.-------

Second way:
Dr. Hawkins the Office Series, Depression.

As we watch our minds, it dawns on us that fear is occurring in our own consciousness, rather than outside of us and so we only address it there. We let go of wanting to deal with the particular event and focus instead on its source in consciousness -the field of fear or energy of fear.


How?Ask that Holy Spirit be with you to assist and ask that this work be for the Highest Good. 


  1.  Picture something fearful (real that happened or a phantasy).
  2. Ignore all thoughts about it. (a feeling engenders millions of thoughts…no end to them because they are coming out of the field of consciousness; look past the thoughts being experienced in the body …so map this experience…it may be tightness in your throat or stomach; queasy; rubbery, shaky feeling in arms and legs; dry mouth; intestinal cramps.  most important to map what is being experienced, not what you are 'thinking' about it, so no labels; words; thoughts.
  3. let go resisting the experiencing what is literally being expressed– welcome it; let it be there; so be focused away from thoughts towards experience let go, surrender to being with those sensations. Do not judge the feelings as good or bad, just as sensation occurring in the body.
  4. resistance makes you break away or separate off, whereas acceptance engenders blending, extending an inviting more;  by practicing this you discover that you are draining the fear out…joyfully you also realize there is a limited amount to this field.  We are draining the darkness held within our though systems.  All the times we suppressed fear; it was sitting within us colouring our world. Perhaps we felt we weren’t allowed to express it, say it wasn't manly. Whatever you decided, the emotions are suppressed; repressed pushed away and out of awareness. You want them up and in the Light to be shone away.  You may brace your stomach and  this response is so quick you don’t realize it is there; so the ENERGY of this fear then increases and is suppressed within the mind. When it reaches a certain point it begins to express itself. It spills over into our experience and colors it with the vibration of suppressed fear.
  5. notice that your feelings and sensations remain the same, no matter the event or the belief. Intestinal cramps, constricted throat; dry mouth, racing heart, taught stomach…whatever our description of fear, this is how you personally experience it when you decide an event is fearful.
  6. All you have to deal with and let go of are the sensations – They may be body specific at first , but later (watch mind/meditate) you will notice that the feeling is experienced within consciousness itself, within the body or in vauge, broad-spectrum, scattered, overall-ness  kind of way and when you let go of resisting it, when you ask for more when you say, "Bring it on!…I can handle this.", it drains away.
  7. What occurs is that the fear drains out…This happens by not paying attention to thoughts, instead being busy focusing on the field of energy on what is behind the fearful thought. Discharge the feel, the energy and therefore lose fear of fear You realize that fear is nothing but an inner experience - the sensations of which you can accept.  Ask yourself, seriously, whether you can tense muscles, butterflies in your stomach? Of course, you have handled much more intense events!                                    This exercise helps you to experience, or get, that you are a victim of fear so long as you do not realize you are its source.  

About Ellen Sutherland

Ellen assists people committed to living a spiritual life, whether they have newly discovered it or are a long-time
and deeply committed student.

The emphasis of her work is on the doing, the practicing, the living. Her focus is on utilizing spiritual concepts, precepts and teachings and applying them to daily life.

  • How does one surrender?
  • What does that look like in one's life?
  • How does one live their life like a prayer, like a mudra?

Even experienced seekers can get stuck. And for a novice, it can be difficult to simply find a suitable path, much less to deal with crises. We believe our thoughts. We believe the illusion. It seems that we cannot put into practice what it is we are committed to learn. This can be a time to search out tutoring assistance.

Spiritual Tutoring is used to:

  • support
  • re-contextualize
  • offer information and tools
  • encourage skill-building
  • promote commitment and dedication
  • overcome feelings of isolation and aloneness in the spiritual pursuit

We can become blocked or stuck in many ways. A few examples may be found on the Blocks page.

Ellen's purpose is to help you clarify and identify the issue or issues you are facing. Once these are identified, she can offer tools and techniques needed to erase and let go or surrender the challenge.

She will encourage and assist you to develop skills - skills that generalize into all areas of your life, not only the particular issue at hand. Almost always, she will assist you
in discovering a different perspective.

motivates / teaches / accepts / encourages / provides focus
makes things concrete, finds practical solutions
determines the what, how and when of situations
helps you to celebrate along the way

She will consistently encourage you to develop trust in and rely on the Inner Teacher waiting within us all.


My commitment is to encourage my self and others to embrace their spiritual practices, or religious studies. "Practices" is the operative word here, as I encourage living our spirituality. Whether this practice is to be kind, to look past error, to ask for the Truth of a situation, I focus on the development of commitment, unwavering commitment. May each of us continuously hear the Voice of our Inner Teacher.

I have worked with groups, individual clients and students in a teaching and clinical setting since the late 1980's. I was trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and spent ten years in this role as a teacher and as a pain and stress-management consultant, for a private rehabilitation company and in my private practice. This work with individuals and groups has addressed the various forms of pain we experience as human beings: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

In addition to cognitive behavioral therapy, I was trained at Scarborough General Hospital, Child and Family Clinic, in play therapy and adolescent art therapy. My training focused on working with emotionally disturbed children and their families.

I have considerable experience in the design and delivery of workshops and courses that revolve around topics such as:

  • Meditation
  • Stress Management and Relaxation
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Forgiveness
  • Spiritual Principles
  • Holotropic Breath-work
  • Spiritual Processing

Holy Spirit drew me to energy work in 1985 and I consequently trained in Therapeutic Touch and Polarity therapy and Reiki. I was initiated in 1994 as a 5th generation teacher and master of Reiki, and since my initiation, Reiki has been my sole energy work of choice (see Shining Out page if interested in further details about my journey with Reiki). As a Reiki Master, I teach first and second degree classes, and have trained and initiated three Masters.

My tutoring role grew in the context of working with students and colleagues who were striving to live a spiritual life. Many sought assistance from me when they bumped up against challenges on their spiritual journey. It is through Reiki and my own spiritual path that I developed a strong practice of setting my personal or small self aside and sought the guidance and words of Holy Spirit. I offer myself as a tutor, in service to the Infinite Creator and humankind.  May my work be for the Highest Good.
~Ellen Sutherland~

We have all come to know Ellen
as the Gentle Loving Lightbringer
who is dedicated to bringing
Clarity and Right Perception
to All in the Sonship for
Our Highest Good.

Her dedication and commitment to the
Healing Process is a demonstration
of the Teacher of God within Us All
when we Remember Our Purpose.
The Holy Spirit called and Ellen
has Answered the Call.
Thank You Ellen Lovelite!

and experience Releasing fear...
by learning to 'let go'
Sunday Eve. March 12th, 8:30pm ET

The Sonship is Healing faster
Thanks to Ellen Sutherland
and Spiritual Tutoring.

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