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It's Always about Real Love

Listen to Donna Marie's music recorded from ACIM Gather on PalTalk, October 9, 2005

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Donna Marie Cary-Jones
Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist, Minister

"It's Always about REAL Love"

of Manassas, VA.

About Donna Marie Cary-Jones

Donna Marie states:

“Throughout the years of studying A Course In Miracles, I have come to more honesty about looking at the unhealed places in my mind.

I continue with the process of learning how to forgive myself and others from past beliefs that block the awareness of the Truth; the Truth that we are all the sinless Children of God. The world seems to be in greater distress than ever before. 

I hope the message of Real Love, which is offered through my songs, brings comfort to tired hearts and peace to fearful minds.” 
~Donna Marie Cary ~

There’s a Love not of this world
The only Real Love
You’ll not find it wherever you search
It’s only in the waking up to what you really are

Wake up to all you’ve ever been , Wake up
          It’s time to wake up, Wake up
~Chorus ~ REAL LOVE CD

Check out Donna Marie's CD Recordings

Compact Discs are $20.00 each
Mail Orders: For postage and handling
please add $2.50 for the first item;
 .75 cents for each additional item
Make checks payable to:
Donna Marie Cary

Send to:
8901 Evelyn Dr.
Manassas, VA  20112
Telephone 703-393-9185

You may also purchase Donna Marie's Recordings at this link:

Donna Marie Cary's music has had such a profound effect
upon my life truly words cannot express my appreciation.
I was Blessed to have experienced a beautiful healing
in Salt Lake City, and Donna Marie was present.
This Radiant Beauty extends such Love & Light
through her music & while in her Presence
you immediately recognize the Divine.
As I listen to her CDs & Tapes, I hear
the teachings of a dedicated
Minister of God.

I contacted Donna Marie when I wanted to use her lyrics
of the CD Real LOVE, for a teaching gathering
and she Graciously sent them to me.
Her songs were intermingled as well.
Whenever I lose sight of my Truth,
I play the CD Real Love and
the Holy Shift Happens.
What a GIFT!

She Travels the Land reMinding Us ALL
We ARE the LOVE we are searching for.
We are so very Blessed to have this
Gracious Spirit- Filled Teacher
Return for an Encore Concert
A Celebration of Divine Music
Remembering it's Always about


There’s a Love not of this world
The only Real Love
You’ll not find it wherever you search
It’s only in the waking up to what you really are
You are the very think you’ve been searching for
The very thing you thought you needed more of
Guiltless, sinless, child of God
Love is all you are

Lyrics from CD REAL LOVE

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