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Rev. Lee's talk recorded from ACIM Gather on PalTalk, June 7th, 2005

Welcome to the Heavensong Ministry pages. My name is Reverend Lee M. Catalano, OMC.

I am an ordained Pathways of Light Minister and Ordained Ministerial/Pastoral Counselor, located in Massachusetts.  I practice Course In Miracles-based Counseling and Spiritual Life Coaching.  I also facilitate guided relaxation-meditation, by appointment, in person, or by telephone.

Spiritual Life Coaching teaches, through counseling and meditation experience,  to view Life from a peaceful-empowered perspective.  As we release anxiety and stress, we come into our mind's true creative power.

We preside over all ceremonies of transition. Weddings, Baptismal, Memorial and Special-Event Blessings.  There is a eulogy worksheet included on this site.  Please call the ministry at any time for help with the eulogy process.

I am a guest speaker and facilitate groups, offering a wide variety of inspirational topics.

The laws of Love/healing, demonstrated in the spiritual psychology of A Course In Miracles, either apply to all situations or to none.  We here have witnessed the healing of grief, divorce, anxiety, depression, release of trauma and the list goes on.

I hope you enjoy the following pages, please come back often.

God Blesses,

Revie Lee

Lee visits local groups large and small.  To schedule a visit contact Heavensong ministry @ 781-308-2749.  Thank you very much!
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