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With What Is This Thing Called I? 

Dr. Allen Carter Teaching on ACIM Gather on PalTalk 9-6-06




With What Is This Thing Called I?  Allen Carter takes on the daunting task of explaining how the mind actually works, what is really behind the nature of individual identity, and puts it all together in a way that explains the true nature of existence.  I highly recommend this important book.  Among many other things, it will forever illuminate the meaning of the word “I”.


                        Gary Renard,

            Best Selling Author of “The             Disappearance of the





If you are concerned, as I am, with pondering the spiritual nature of SELF, this book will help you enormously.  My work draws on Dr. Carter’s main premise that we have misidentified our true nature and that we must now come back to the truth of who we are.  This book helps us make that journey.


                        Colin Tipping,

            Best Selling Author of

          “Radical Forgiveness, Making

          Room for the Miracle”


Dr. Carter’s book may be purchased at the workshop or online at amazon.com.




If you have ever wondered who you really are and what compels you to do the things you do, this workshop is for you.  It offers a new way of looking at the mind and the laws that run us.  Dr. Allen Carter, a clinical psychologist with more than 25 years as a private practitioner and college professor, shows us that our only problem is that we are misidentified.  Because we usually don’t question the nature of our identity, we unknowingly live our lives following the rules of our conscious and unconscious minds.  Dr. Carter gives us a clear view of how our minds function by obeying commandments dictated by the mental false gods he calls creator god, we-god and i-god.


Participants will see in this workshop that even though our experiences may be different, we are all apparent victims of these commandments, believing we are lacking something.  The truth is we lack nothing.  We will know this when we identify who we truly are.  The workshop concludes by showing participants how to know who they really are, by taking them on a journey as they explore 10 Acceptances that take them out of the hell of their minds. 




·        Participants will discover the barriers and obstacles that prevent them from having success in all forms of relationships—romantic, professional and familial.


·        Participants will discover how to become more powerful in solving problems in their lives.


·        Participants will gain a deeper knowledge and experience of “The Spiritual”.


·       With knowledge gained from the workshop, the participants will have the tools to identify the barriers that interfere with them fully experiencing and enjoying all that life has to offer.



  As a psychologist, Dr. Carter has distinguished himself as one of the leading and most influential professionals in Georgia.  He has served as President of the Georgia State Board of Examiners of Psychologists and as President of the Georgia Psychological Association .  Not only has he been a pioneer for his profession at the state level, he has also been active on the national level.  Dr. Carter was the first African American elected President of state leaders for the American Psychological Association.  This unit of A.P.A. represents the presidents of the 50 states Psychological Associations and the Canadian Provinces.


Dr. Carter is a recipient of the Karl F. Heiser Presidential Award for Professional Psychology.  Prior to the year 2000, Dr. Carter was one of the highest elected African Americans in the American Psychological Association and served on the Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice, The Board of Professional Affairs, The Committee on Urban Initiative and The Committee for the Recruitment, Training and Retention of Minority Psychologists.  During the 1998-1999 term of Dr. Richard Swinn, past president of A.P.A., Dr. Carter served as one of his cabinet members.  Dr. Carter has  also served on additional A.P.A. committees.  He is currently a member of the Board of Convention Affairs.


Locally, Dr. Carter is Director of Clinical Services for the Morehouse College Counseling Center and teaches in the Psychology Department.  He received his B.A. from Morehouse College and his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University in New York City.  His clinical internship was completed at the University of California School of Medicine in San Francisco, California.  Dr. Carter is currently in full time private practice in Atlanta, Georgia and serves as a consultant to WSB-TV, Channel 2; WAGA, Channel 5 and Jet Magazine.  He has also served as contributing writer to the Atlanta Tribune and The Atlanta Daily World.  

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